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SOURCE: Extreme Innovation Labs
Researchers Invent Way to Accelerate Rate of Scientific Discoveries; Implications Profound for Medicine, Science and Business

WASHINGTON, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine Christopher Reeve being able to walk in half the expected time. Or life-saving pharmaceuticals to fight cancer or AIDS brought to market in one-third the time. Or overhauling the U.S. education system to create first-rate curriculums which produce smarter students. These are just a few of the things possible with a new patent pending scientific process introduced by researchers at Extreme Innovation Labs (EI Labs), in partnership with Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI). EI Labs is a non-profit think tank devoted to studies to improve the rate of discovery for business, science, and society. KMCI is a non-profit society of researchers, executives, managers, and scientists addressing organizational knowledge management.

The patent-pending process increases the rate of scientific discovery by

having teams of scientists actually study and experiment with research environments to find ways to speed up the discovery process. The process

is literally making breakthroughs in knowledge creation research and leveraging it in ways that can accelerate the rate of worldwide innovation.

For example, in the scientific/medical community where research is being

conducted on nerve regeneration and spinal cord injuries, applying this methodology could provide cures in half the timeregeneration and spinal cord injuries, applying this methodology could provide cures in half the

time simply by studying and improving the environment and process for research itself. Similarly, by applying this research to drug

``Managing institutional knowledge to better achieve goals is always a challenge for the corporate community, the medical/scientific community,

and high technology industry. But by actually engineering the environments in which human beings learn and make discoveries, we open an entire world of possibilities for an increased rate of new discoveries,'' said Ed Swanstrom, President of KMCI and director of EI Labs. ``We have literally turned knowledge on itself to accelerate its creation and, as a result, the benefits to virtually every science and business are endless,'' he continued.

``The concept is simple. Yet, this is the first time accelerating the rate of scientific discovery has been studied. The benefits to society mabeen studied. The benefits to society may be extraordinary,'' said Steve Fuller, Professor of Sociology at Warwick Univer

Extreme Innovation Labs is a science acceleration think tank working with research institutions worldwide.

Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 as a community for KM researchers and business professionals. KMCI's members come from such areas as business,

science of science, sociology of knowledge, cognitive psychology, library science, management science, economics, computer science, medicine, telecommunications, law, organizational learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

Visit EI Labs at and KMCI at

SOURCE: Extreme Innovation Labs

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