Re: Re. SPACE: Economic Role for Manned Space Stations
20 Jul 1999 11:36:11 -0700

On Tue, 20 July 1999, "Lee Daniel Crocker" wrote:

> Resisting dogmatism doesn't mean one has to fall prey to every
> baseless idea that floats by. It just means that one should try
> not to color one's perceptions by what one wants to believe. I,
> like many others here I'm sure, would like to believe that there
> once was a civilization on Mars. But there's simply no evidence
> to justify that--not even enough evidence to justify wasting time
> and money examining a perfectly ordinary rock.

I can agree with you on the grounds that within our current resource constraints, we have to more prudent in prioritizing what we spend our money on, and the 'Face on Mars' may certainly not fall into that category. What I object to is the unfair categorization you have thrown on Mac Tonnies. Calling him a 'crackpot' IMHO crossed the line from civility to bullying. As extropians I expect that we can make the most sincere attempts to resist such temptations despite our all too human urges to the contrary.

With Sincerity,

Paul Hughes