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News report from the GNS, the Galactic News Service

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The Planet Canaan - a promised land of luxury and enlightenment. Whispers of its mysteries have teased and intrigued GalacticCitz for centuries. Remnants of lost civilisations, exquisite hidden knowledge of times past, as well as the most exotic sensory experiences in the known universe. All hidden behind the opacity of a planet closed to the outside world for more than four hundred years. But that is about to change...

The Planet Canaan has recently decided to drop its barriers to the GalacticCiv. Rumors abounded that the people of the planet had cloistered themselves to work on some almighty, planet wide project, perhaps the greatest cultural artifact ever produced in the history of the GalacticCiv. It has now been confirmed that these people have produced a great work, and are readying to share it with us all. Details of the nature of the work are still shrouded in secrecy, however.

What is known is that these intensely cerebral people warmly welcome visitors, and the very few who have visited their planet during their cloistered period have come away strongly affected by the experience.

Currently they are building their first spaceport; the expected date of completion is one galactic month, official opening following soon after (rumors are that the Galactic President herself will be doing the honours!)

The educated elite of our galaxy wait, breathless, on this monumentous planetary opening and revelation of the treasures contained within. It is almost certain to be an historical, cultural watershed for the GalacticCiv. GNS, your news service, is holding this planet under the closest scrutiny. We will inform you of new developments FIRST, as they occur.

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GNS - Your News Service

This service brought to you today by NanoSlim!, leaders in Zero-Effort slimming