Re. SPACE: Economic Role for Manned Space Stations
19 Jul 1999 16:36:15 -0700

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> >What's fascinating is that there's no real reason
> >we couldn't be going beyond Earth orbit with it after some retrofitting. To
> >my mind, a retrofitted Shuttle would make an ideal vehicle for shipping
> >hardware to the Moon for, say, a permament base.
> Well, what can you expect from a Mars Face believer? Hint: the shuttle has
> wings, wheels, and is only designed for a very limited stay in space before
> the consumables run out.

Again, I find myself coming to the defense of another person by the verbal assaults of another "in" person on this list, who probably feels it his 'moral' duty to be such an a**h**l for the sake of protecting the hive mentality from 'dangerous' memes! Ahh, what is a fragile extropian to do! Help me Mark! Help me Lee! I'm hearing memes that are not part of the consensus materialistic dogma that is our religion!

Never once has Mac Tonnies once said he believed in anything let alone the 'Face on Mars'. His sole remark was that the 'Face on Mars' was anomolous enough to warrant some further investigation before we dismiss it out of hand. I challenge anyone to demonstrate how such an attitude can be anything other than the very resonable, inquisitive and scientific one that it is.

Paul Hughes

P.S. Sick again (for the umpteenth time) of the dogmatic close-minded crap that poses itself as "cool, and roguishing skeptical extropianian thought'.