Scorecard Mentalities

Doug Bailey (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:45:48 -0400

> I'm having difficulty understanding why there seems to
> be a glitch in remembering that I founded Transhumanist Arts
> and the Extropic Arts genre. If I am involved it is because I
> am an artist and I want to spread memes about Transhumanist
> arts. Thus, it would only seem reasonable that if you all are
> communicating with me that you would acknowledge this and I
> wouldn't have to remind us all that the arts is my interest
> and spreading aesthetic memes my purpose.

I wish some of the members of this group could get beyond the "scorecard" mentality I often see. I marvel at the achievements of many of the people on this list. However, I've always been of the mind that if attribution or accolades are deserved your peers will rain them upon you. Several people have contributed importantly to my thinking on transhumanism and to the philosophy in general (e.g., Max, Anders, Robin, Sasha, Eliezer, etc.) and I say that not because they insisted that they be accorded their due but because I believe they deserve such recognition.

After Nick and others worked so hard on the FAQ, the first comments weren't "great job" or "thanks" but instead "scorecard" criticisms as I like to refer to them. Constructive criticisms regarding content are obviously one thing, but kudo farming seems rather odious.

Natasha certainly has the right to make whatever comments she wishes, especially when she feels an injustice has been done. But I hope that we can function without the turf bickerings I've seen plague other groups and fora.

Doug Bailey

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