Re: MACRO: Poor Man's Macroengineering

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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 01:28:11 -0700

On Sunday, July 18, 1999 8:18 PM Ron Kean <> wrote:
>I think, e.g., that the East African Rift Valley could be
>>turned>into an inland sea similar to the Mediterranean with a little
>>>In fact, it would seem, if my readings are correct, that just a tiny
>>amount>of excavation at it's northern extremity would start the process
>>whereby>waters from the Red Sea would flood a portion of the Rift
>What would be the advantage of flooding the Rift Valley?

I believe my other message answers this, but I'd like to add one more: proof of concept. Actually achieving a macroengineering project of this size would inspire others and probably make humans flex those creative muscles...

However, there does remain the probably of what unintended bad consequences might come of it.

>I think there
>was a proposal involving the Dead Sea, which is about 1200 feet below sea
>level, whereby piping in water from the Mediterranean could be used to
>generate electricity. There may have been a similar proposal involving
>the Qattara Depression in Egypt.

I've heard of something along those lines, but don't recall any details.


Daniel Ust