Re: RE: JFK Jr. Reported missing

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Sun, 18 Jul 1999 23:05:00 -0700

On Sunday, July 18, 1999 7:25 PM Freeman Craig Presson <> wrote:
>>Remember that post a while back about the life expenctancies of world
>>leader, and how there is a real big chance of death while in office? Being
>>President is risk seeking behaviour in itself.
>That part reminds me sharply of pack-animal behavior. The alpha male
>fends off challenges until he's too weak. Only in H. sapiens sapiens(?)
>"packs" are the challenges routinely lethal.

I find it hard to believe humans would be the only animals where such challenges are routinely lethal, especially given the high level of violence in lion prides, canid packs, and the like. This is without even delving into nonmammalian social animals, from insects to lizards...

But I'll have to leave someone else to find examples of such.


Daniel Ust