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Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 14:53:32 -0700

At 12:08 PM 7/18/99 -0700, Spike wrote:

>Natasha, it is not at all surprising that memes such as yours would be
>issued by one who is a close associate of Max More. {8-] Of
>course there are two categories besides Mr. Brains and Mr. Buns:
>1) those poor saps who are blessed with neither (Mr. Celibate) and
>2) those fortunate few chaps who you allude to who have plenty of both
>(Mr. Unavailable) such as Dr. More,, these being completely
>occupied by those fortunate few women who have it all.

  1. Poor Sap: This individual is not pigeon-holed into being a poor sap because anyone can at any time change. A new set of cloths, a new haircut, dancing lessons, some cologne, a sex coach, etc. could turn this type into a new category, that is if the individual has the motivation and is not feeling helpless.

>The Brains vs. Buns scenario is an intentional oversimplification.
>It *kinda* works, and also, its just for fun. Most of us boys
>feel we are neatly categorized by the ladies into one of the
>two original categories, Buns or Brains. I have never been given
>much doubt into which category I am placed. {8-[ {8^D

I understand, although given motivation, one does not have to stay fixed in any category. Self-improvement is very extropian, and if it is sex you want, then become a visual enticement. I might add here that most women are far more attracted to someone who has style than a pretty face.

>Given your point that better nutrition, longer life, better everything,
>accounts for much increase in human intelligence and wellbeing,
>and allowing some oversimplification by ignoring for the moment
>Mr. Celibate and Dr. More, does not the institution of marriage
>and other societal restraints tip the reproductive scales away from
>Mr. Buns back in favor of Mr. Brains? spike

No, not really. There are many pregnancies from teenagers, I believe (and someone correct me if I am wrong). These pregnancies are probably produced by the Buns fellows (and I'll add that the criterion here would be youth, not experience). Regardless, I get what you are saying and I'd add another type which would be Mr. Caring-&-Generous. He would get the gal.


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