Re: buns vs brains

Spike Jones (
Sun, 18 Jul 1999 12:08:55 -0700

> >...marriage, which makes it less convenient (at least) for the
> >women to visit Mr. Buns during the fertile few days, it seems
> >that societal restraints would serve to tilt the scales back in
> >favor of Mr. Brains. Right?
> Sorry, no again. It is not that clear cut. Not everyone who has brains is
> unaesthetic. In fact, there are many brainy men who are quite handsome and
> stylish. The odds would be in favor of this individual over someone who is
> simply smart and stinky.

Natasha, it is not at all surprising that memes such as yours would be issued by one who is a close associate of Max More. {8-] Of course there are two categories besides Mr. Brains and Mr. Buns: 1) those poor saps who are blessed with neither (Mr. Celibate) and 2) those fortunate few chaps who you allude to who have plenty of both (Mr. Unavailable) such as Dr. More,, these being completely occupied by those fortunate few women who have it all.

The Brains vs. Buns scenario is an intentional oversimplification. It *kinda* works, and also, its just for fun. Most of us boys feel we are neatly categorized by the ladies into one of the two original categories, Buns or Brains. I have never been given much doubt into which category I am placed. {8-[ {8^D

Given your point that better nutrition, longer life, better everything, accounts for much increase in human intelligence and wellbeing, and allowing some oversimplification by ignoring for the moment Mr. Celibate and Dr. More, does not the institution of marriage and other societal restraints tip the reproductive scales away from Mr. Buns back in favor of Mr. Brains? spike