Re: chaos and uncertainty

Spike Jones (
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 21:16:25 -0700

James Andrix wrote:

> ...You take two objects (I think maybe
> razor blades) And start to block the beam with them,
> one on each side. (forming a vertical slit, making the
> dot smaller) when they get _really close together_
> instead of a very slotted vertical dot, you get a
> horizontal spread....

Yup, photons do behave strangely. In college I was shown the famous double slit experiment, wherein a laser forms a horizontal spread, as you called it. You can send photons through double slits, and form a pattern of high and low illumination on the wall behind. This is explained by wave interference. But now you can turn the power to the laser so low, that the photons pass through *one at a time*. If you do that, you can observe that the pattern does not go away. Therefore, each photon must be somehow splitting into a wave, waving through *both* slits, interfering with *itself*, creating the interference pattern on the back wall. QM is weird stuff, James. spike