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For those who believe this, I urge you to read Philip Kitcher's _The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge_, which defends an empirical view of mathematics. I coreviewed along with Stephen Boydstun it in _Objectivity_ 1(6), but this review essay is not as yet available on the web.

(BTW, Rob, might I get a copy of the article sent you on this?)


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>> I read your comment on the extropians list regarding math and its
>> probable inextricability from human subjectivity. I am sending to you,
>> an article which you may find somehow relevant. It discusses the
>> dependence of our conceptualisation of causation upon language. This
>> would appear to bolster your argument that we have no basis for assuming
>> that math is a universal fact. I'm replying to you directly, but if you
>> wish to pass on this article to the list, feel free.