Re: Malfunctions of the mind

Anders Sandberg (
15 Jul 1999 00:46:46 +0200

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" <> writes:

> Someday, when drugs are developed that can temporarily induce
> schizophrenia or similar disorders, with an absolute guarantee of no
> long-term side effects, I'd like to try it out - very briefly -
> myself(*). I'd like to see if my mind is sufficiently
> software-reengineered to remain sane despite massive perturbations;
> failing that, it could be useful to know the first symptoms of
> malfunction, in case something ever goes Really Wrong.

Sounds like an interesting idea, i think I would do the same. Although I don't think you can guarantee no side-effects, after all the experience itself can make you change. But it would likely be a beneficial (at least mind-expanding) experience. Afterwards, you cpould always therapy yourself based on what you learned.

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