Desensitizing the Populace

my inner geek (
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 14:03:42 -0700

How do you desensitize a population to involuntary privacy violation?

Sarcasm: satire: parody: "Hi! I'm your emotional rapist. I'm your friend. I give you access to THE FORCE. By the way, I enjoy it when you clean the toe jam from your feet, and then smell your fingers. And, when your in the bath tub, I find it amusing that you don't use a wash cloth to deeply scrub your anus. By the way, you should floss more on that rear left molar; with the missing cavity and all, it the root nerves may be infected. That would explain all the modulated signals you've been receiving from that region. Don't mind all the shuffling flashbacks from the braces back in 1982, we're just testing some old implants and neural signature systems. You're a meat puppet designed to test surveillance and behavior modification systems. I'm you're alter-ego. Sometimes intrinsic. Sometimes relayed."

"If you're just sitting there, then suddenly feel warmth, it may be
that your remote monitor just got back from the gym before jacking in to your sensory system to listen in on your inner dialog. Don't feel paranoid. We celebrate dandruff, plaque breath, underarm odor, jock itch, skid marks, farts in the bathtub. You name it, we feel it. We're particularly proud of the accuracy of our olfactory analysis and synthesis. Wells of tears, panic, guilt: Nectar of the gods!"

"By the way, we're all perverts, hoodlums, drug addicts, and sex
junkies. Welcome to the world's largest drug cartel. We control the world's economies. Here's the deal: stop paying taxes and we'll let you live. Don't worry about us. We've got you covered."