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Wed, 14 Jul 1999 11:00:23 -0700

I have no idea whether any research has really been done to establish that the heart contains any neural cells. Maybe it's an "invented story."


>From: Mark Lindsay <>
>For more information about "heart intelligence," see:
>'The Heart's Code' by Paul Pearsall
>Institute of HeartMath
>Planetary Publications
>'Cut-Thru' <> by Doc
>Lew Childre (of the Institute of HeartMath) contains one of
>the most powerful emotional control tools I've come across.
>Mark Lindsay

At 06:57 AM 7/14/99 -0700, (James Ganong) wrote:
>Anders wrote:
>>This sounds rather suspicious. To be honest, it sounds like complete
>bullshit given the effects (or rather non-effects) of pacemakers and
>heart transplants on emotions. <
>I tried searches on the best generalised engines I know & in specialised
>medical/science databases like Harvard's Dept of Molecular & Cellular
>Biology for this 'atriol (as spelled in the quote) neuriatic factor',
>using various spellings;
>I then asked a cardiologist of my acquaintance about it. The complete
>lack of any corroborative info from any of these sources (& the quality
>of the, er, scholarship of the fellow quoted in the article in other
>works) leads me to believe the whole thing is a load of fetid dingo
>Having said this, I stand ready to eat said kidneys should someone else
>find good info that corroborates the article.