Re. Malfunctions of the mind
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 00:31:39 EDT

>But the really weird, and really frightening part, is that when the
>brain malfunctions in that way, it usually becomes impossible for the
>person to accept that vis experiences are hallucinations. No matter how
>ridiculous, no matter how perfectly conforming to the standard report of
>schizophrenia, the victim simply becomes unable to wield Occam's Razor.

Jacques Vallee calls this the "ratchet effect." Once "converted" to a specific way of viewing the world, a person will cling to this viewpoint even when faced with overwhelming evidence that he or she is wrong. This is the glitch that allows conspiracy mongers to perpetuate wild tales--and, simalarly, allows their great appeal in our society.

Mac Tonnies