Transhuman S&M (Was: Cryonics propaganda)

Freeman Craig Presson (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 19:57:44 -0500

On 13 Jul 99, at 16:01, Gina Miller wrote:

> Freeman Craig Presson
> Quite the opposite! If you know your partner's going to heal in a few
> minutes ... you fill in the rest. 'course, if we had nervous-system
> controls to modulate pain response, that might be problematic.
> That's what I meant, if the point of S&M is to deliver and/or recieve pain
> and we've established internal mechanisms to prevent pain, won't they be
> ripped off. Of course, it maybe it could be reinstalled for these type of
> purposes. Gina

(S&M isn't just about pain, but that is a thread for another forum :-)

In a similar vein to the fear thread, I think we'd want control of how much pain-damping our systems did, anyway, for survival reasons. You'd usually want SOME kind of signal on an injury ("*beeeep* left hand destroyed! estimated regrowth time one minute seven seconds. Consider avoiding further injury during this time").

So, a nice custom mod would be dual controls (as in pilot/copilot) -- on both pleasure and pain circuits. What the heck, selected motor circuits, too, for the ultimate in "soft bondage." The old-fashioned top might just want control of the overall intensity, delivering the stimuli the quaint old way; but there's a whole new world possible, of playing the nervous system like a synthesizer. The whips and featherdusters would become nostalgic props, and the real action would happen on the keyboard, or whatever interface we end up using (most likely a virtual body with virtual tools). Favorite "pieces" would of course be recorded, and one could "compose" for oneself as well. All of the above applies equally well to any sort of erotica.

Pure uploads would probably enjoy this even more than the embodied.