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See, eternity isn't just picture in picture stretching on and on, its picture in picture all around you, below you, above you, and every picture contains every other picture, and you are in no pictures but also in every picture, and every picture you can imagine exists, and every one you can't exists, and even the other ones exist!

Is it me, or are everything and nothing really the same thing?

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> Since we are looking for SIs, what if all the SIs are busy looking for
> super
> super intelligences, and those are looking for really super super
> intelligences, and those are... Does anyone see any reason why this would
> have to stop somewhere?
Nope. Eternity is undoubtedly very, very weird. Think picture-in-picture-in-picture etc.... I'm beginning to think that this concept may bear relation to the structure of eternity, we can discuss it if you want....


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