RE: SETSIs (was Re: seti@home WILL NOT WORK)

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 15:09:13 +0100

> growth (in fact we were barely surviving as a species) *until* we
> developed the technologies that allowed us to manipulate the
> environment in ways more sophisticated than our genetic program allowed.
If our genetic program doesn't allow it, we can't do it. This is not negotiable if you accept Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. Discuss this?

> (the majority would seem to be those species that take as much as
> they can and hold it the longest).
On this planet, yes, but we can't say at all how much that translates elsewhere - don't forget we have NO external data.

> If evolving to the limit of physics *is* feasible, and "life"
> is designed to "evolve", can you make a case for the cessation
> of evolution?

There is the local minima problem, in which it is conceivable that species could become stuck, do you think?


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