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If you are going for prescription drugs try Provigil. It works nicely without the harsh effects of methamphetamine etc.

> I know that during the WW2 there was Pervidrin in use by German
pilots to
> stay awake during their missions. Allied pilots must have used
> like that also. Anyone having ideas?

I know they gave British WWII troops Amphetamine Sulphate (Speed) for the
same purpose.
Side effects? Short Term = Cramps, Bleeding Gums, Lethargy (all on comedown). Long Term = Paranoia, Weight Loss, Heart Trouble (If you REALLY
abuse the stuff).
These are all the bad side effects - there are good ones too, especially the
intelligence boost. Speed helps you to concentrate and think as much as you
like, without becoming bored or tired. Another is heightened sex drive.
Speed is a powerful enhancer of sexual sensations. As they say - speed's the
poor man's coke.


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