Re: Re. Reducing your sex drive

Freeman Craig Presson (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 08:20:32 -0500

On 9 Jul 99, at 2:00, wrote:

> >I tried Prozac for awhile as an experiment based on
> >the "Listening to Prozac" book and found that Prozac
> >reduced the frequency of my spontaneous thoughts about
> >sex and reduced the desire for sex. However, I found
> >normal response and ability once the decision was
> >made to have sex....perhaps this is just a reduction
> >in obsessive/compulsive psychology surrounding sex,
> >not really a reduction in sex drive...???
> I think this is a good question, and I think it's probably answerable, as
> well. I'm not a neurologist, but my guess is that Prozac acts on the
> seratonin receptors responsible for OCD, not the sex drive, per se.
> Prozac in commonly prescribed for obsessive-compulsive disorders as well
> as depression.

I have read/experienced that Prozac usually slows down the orgasmic response, at least in men, which for some is A Good Thing. Paxil, which has a different (in fact unknown) mechanism of action from the other SSRIs, typically just shoots the libido to hell in both genders, also retarding orgasm. Paxil is used for depression (less frequently) and for OCD and PAD (panic/anxiety disorder).

Viva libido loco ...