EXTRO4: Timeline to 2020 Project

Michael Wiik (mwiik@messagenet.com)
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 10:17:12 -0400

GBurch1@aol.com writes

> Our goal of collecting specific projections for dates or ranges of dates when
> a development will become possible, available, common or ubiquitous requires
> a little care using Crit Link. To tag a comment to a particular year in the
> timeline tables you will find at the individual development pages, it is
> necessary to paste in the particular year in the "target phrase" area and THE
> TEXT FROM THE WHOLE LINE OF YEARS into the "optional context phrase". Thus,
> to tag a comment that you believe the development "Software Agents as
> Autonomous Actors" will be "Common" by the year 2020, you should paste the
> text from the year cell for that point ("2020 - C") into the "target phrase"
> Crit field and the text from the whole line for the year 2020 ("2020 - P 2020
> - - A 2020 - C 2020 - U") into the "optional target phrase". Although this
> seems a little kludgey, Crit requires the second step in order to have enough
> context to "know" where to place its meta-tag.

This is unfortunate, as (for example) '2020 - C' is unique on the page. The error message says it is 'probably' too short for use as the context phrase, but it should be fine. This appears to be a shortcoming of critlink.

One suggestion: combine the code letter with the year, so '2020 - C' becomes '2020C', which allows selection with a single doubleclick of the word instead of having to select inside a table cell, which can be error-prone.


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