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>have found that 60 to 65% of the cells of the heart are actually neural
>cells, not muscle cells as was previously believed. They are identical
>to the neural cells in the brain, operating through the same connecting
>links called ganglia, with the same axonal and dendritic connections that
>take place in the brain, as well as through the very same kinds of
>neurotransmitters found in the brain.
>Quite literally, in other words, there is a "brain" in the heart, whose
>ganglia are linked to every major organ in the body, to the entire
>muscle spindle system that uniquely enables humans to express their
>emotions. About half of the heart's neural cells are involved in
>translating information sent to it from all over the body so that it can
>keep the body
>working as one harmonious whole. And the other half make up a very
>large, unmediated neural connection with the emotional brain in our head

So how similar are the imprints and (meta)programs taken by this heart-brain to the head-brain imprints and (meta)programs described by Lilly, Leary and Wilson? Is there a technology for working with these programs to be adapted from PROGRAMMING AND METAPROGRAMMONG THE HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER, INFO-PSYCHOLOGY AND PROMETHEUS RISING or would it be a diffferent approach altogether?

>environment profoundly changes the genetic structuring within us, that
>it is the biggest influence of all on our DNA. There are studies now that
>show that our genes are not at all locked into unchanging programs as
>thought, but in fact are profoundly affected by our environment,

I would be interested to hear more about this research as we are revising our neo-Lamarckian MANIFESTO OF THE NEW EVOLUTION for release to the public.

Around the age of eleven or twelve the brain undergoes a
>fine tuning and begins to decide what it can get rid of.

Again, is there a technology for metaprogramming this?


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