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Sat, 10 Jul 1999 21:18:10 EDT

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> I would love to see the timeline expanded to the year 2050!  I would urge 

> the Textropians to consider this down the line. I realize that to look
> beyond a twenty year span is much harder and less concrete. But some of
> these technologies I do not see maturing by 2020 such as humanlike robots,
> complex VR worlds, advanced molecular manufacturing, transhuman AI's and
> nuclear fusion. I would love to see a cure for AIDS and all cancers by
> 2020 but is it realistic to hope for such?

We've got lots of ideas for refining and expanding the timeline project as a feature for ExI's website, which we'll be discussing at EXTRO4. In the meantime, please provide your input with the current site!

We've intentionally limited the timeline to 2020 because we want to try to keep things as concrete as possible. Many people think the possibilities of matue nanotech make projections beyond 2020 or so very difficult, so for now we've imposed that arbitrary cut-off. In future versions of the timeline website, dicussion of such possibilities will likely be easier.

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