Re: seti@home is SORTA WORKING

Spike Jones (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 22:09:53 -0700

> Freeman Craig Presson wrote: Kinda obviously, talking drums aren't a LD
> medium...

Ya that drum bit was a joke. I am trying to cut down on the {8^Ds. Eliezer and more serious, focussed crowd are filtering me. {8-[

I did have an idea tho. Consider all the dark matter out there. We think we could detect a Dyson Sphere by the low frequency radiation that would need to be emitted by reason of conservation of energy. But what if... the universe is a dangerous place? Then any ETI that has any brains knows to hide. Could not a really advanced ETI build a Dyson sphere, then somehow collect the waste energy, collimate the radiation into a narrow beam and focus it out in some harmless (starless) direction? Are there SF stories based on this explanation of dark matter?

Given enough raw material, it seems that a really out-there nanotech civilization could make a sphere and keep its surface at 3 kelvin, so that it would be undetectable by us less advanced (and therefore more dangerous) intelligences. Do we have any thermodynamics experts out there who can confirm that such a scheme does not violate the third law? Seems to me it doesnt. spike