RE: seti@home

J W (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 23:58:51 -0700

>...leave those machines running all night long!!!! Right now I'm 59% done
with my
>first block of data, after 33 hours of crunch time. Looks like its slowed
down a
Wow! My boss's computer can get through a full packet in about 7.5 hours. My home computer finishes probably every 40 hours. I can't make the numbers jive in my head. I built him a Dual pentium II 450, but at home I have a Celeron 300. The dual PII 450 should be equivalent to less than a PII 900, only 3 times faster, but he's 5 times faster... Is Celeron that bad?

So, I take it you are doing this SETI thing as a group? I've had it running for a while at home, just recently joined this list.