RE: Solar power

my inner geek (
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 11:27:07 -0700

I went to Target ( and purchased a Wham-O
("Since 1948") Superball(R) for $1.95.

Then I went to Home Depot ( and picked up a 16" acrylic globe from the lighting section.

Holding the Globe, I spin the Superball around as fast as I can. Eventually, I learn to put a slight spin on the Globe so the ball creates a little friction and starts to gather static electricity.

When I do this while smoking pot, I spend hours happily pacified while letting the balls vibrations color my mental states.
(Interestingly, the static charge comes back to me during daily
activities, like Casper the Friendly Ghost, to sort of steer me around while I'm making decisions and navigating my daily maze.)

See for a picture of Casper. Don't mind the glamour shots of my gigolo brother, Dave.

I'm not sure if the superball is as efficient as the Chinese medicine balls with the springs and ringers inside, but it seems like an easy way to collect electricity from microscale muscle twitches: burning oil not as in a conventional gas generator, but instead as the slow decrease in mass of the superball.

It makes a little buzzing noise, like an Engine. Good tie-in for a 10 year old book, as yet unintroduced to many a layperson!

How about legalizing drug shakes, and turning them into a power source? Allow the masses to consume whatever they want! Tell all the drug dealers, "O.K. Have it your way. The cryonicists are ready, incase you overdose. Be careful and have fun!"

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