RE: seti@home WILL NOT WORK

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 16:40:10 +0100

> > > You forget, negative results count in science too. Even if Seti@Home
> > > firmly establishes that all the radio noise on whatever frequencies
> > > they're scanning is meaningless noise, this at least gives us some
> firm
> > > lower bounds regarding the probable distribution of technological
> > > civilizations.
> > >
> > No way, they can't even draw this conclusion. They make the
> unbelieveable
> > assumption that any similarly or more advanced civilisation will be
> using
> > radio waves on a large scale (Like us). I'd like to know why everyone's
> so
> > sure of the characteristics of entities we know squat about.
> What else would they be using? Smoke signals? Imagine that, a smoke signal
> based
> internet! oo oo, How about using sonic signalling through the ocean?
> Get real. Unless they are using only closed circuit sytems like
> fiber-optic/co-axial/twisted pair copper, No radio satellite uplinks
> (optical
> will only be usable in clear weather for high bandwidth), no broadcast tv
> or
> AM/FM or shortwave, then they will be emitting radio signals if they are a
> technological civilization. If they are only space based, and only use
> tight
> beam laser communications, they might slip through.

Yes, that's right. They must be using a fiber-optic/co-axial XTMII dobblewhop, cos what with us humans being aware of every conceivable communication technology possible in this universe, we can safely predict that all capable civilisations use a load of radio waves like us. And definitely use mathematics and logic compatible with our own paradigms (another one that makes me laugh). Silly me.


PS I'm not saying that other civilisations definitely do not use radio, I'm merely stating that the guy making the statement at the head of this message cannot make the assumption he does with the evidence he has. We don't know what more advanced aliens use, even the tech stuff dreamed up for "star trek" didn't have anyone using standard radio waves, they used sub-space signals and stuff.......

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