Re: Re. Alien abuctions and supertechnology

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 08 Jul 1999 09:56:33 -0400 wrote:

> >When 'liewitnesses' claim sudden changes in direction, they are using their
> own
> >stationary reference. Anyone experienced in air operations of tactical
> military
> >or other high performance aerobatic aircraft know that this perception is
> false,
> >because the people are ignoring changes in distance. To the observer, a
> vehicle
> >travelling across one's field of view will seem to come to a rapid stop and
> >hover, then zoom off in another direction, when in actuality they are
> conducting
> >a turn where the midpoint of the turn is when the plane is either moving
> toward
> >or away from the observer, so it just seems to hover. Whenever I hear of a
> >report that includes 'rapid changes in direction', I know what is actually
> going
> >on, and that the eyewitness is ignorant of flight dynamics, and lacks an
> ability
> >to think in three dimensions. Note that people have poor depth perception at
> >long range.
> Quite true in a great many cases, but there is a body of close-range reports
> and other, videotaped reports, that indicate that we might be dealing with a
> truly exotic propulsion system. There have been a handful of mass-sighting
> reports when the object under question was seen by many only at certain
> angles; to all intents and purposes, it was "invisible" to other witnesses
> who saw the object reappear shortly after.

I've seen a great many 'ufo' videos, as one ufo group in the UK was truly interested in technical expertise and not ignorant buffoonery as is seen on tabloid tv. I've even seen a video of the purported triangular ufos seen in europe, as well as the video of the formation of those lights over Phoenix. All I have seen is consistent with normal military air operations and current state of the art in known propulsion technologies, with the singular exceptions being 'ufo's which are obviously lense flares and other optical phenomena.

> There's a meme running through the UFO counterculture that describes this as
> the effect of gravitational warping. Theoretically, UFOs distort spacetime
> in order to fly, using gravitational lenses to focus on a particular point,
> which they _draw toward them_. This way, there is no contradiction with
> physical laws; the UFOs aren't even really "flying," per se.

Show me some crash debris or other usable proof. I have not seen to date anything which would support such hypotheses. Don't get me wrong. I would truly love it if we are being visited, but the proof is not there.


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