Re: Science fiction and transhuman memes
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 09:09:02 EDT

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> I just finished a novel that may be of interest to subscribers: "Songs From
> the Stars" by Norman Spinrad (who also brought us "Bug Jack Barron," one
> the few intelligent novels about cryonic suspension around). "Songs"
> as a sort of "dubious utopia" novel, but escalates into something bolder
> more cerebral. It has an overall transhumanist aesthetic and some clever
> riffs on pop culture.

I thought "Songs from the Stars" was one of the most well-thought-out SF novels I'd read up to that point and would still recommend it today. Question: Has anyone considered that the basic technological idea behind Sagan's "Contact" seemed lifted pretty much in toto from "Songs"?

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