Science fiction and transhuman memes
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 00:21:41 EDT

I just finished a novel that may be of interest to subscribers: "Songs From the Stars" by Norman Spinrad (who also brought us "Bug Jack Barron," one of the few intelligent novels about cryonic suspension around). "Songs" begins as a sort of "dubious utopia" novel, but escalates into something bolder and more cerebral. It has an overall transhumanist aesthetic and some clever riffs on pop culture.

Natasha Vita More mentioned in an unrelated post that she was not, for the most part, influenced by science fiction. As an avid sf reader, I find this interesting. Could you elaborate on your influences? Sf has always functioned as a sort of memetic fountainhead for me; transhumanism came along as a very happy coincidence...though not entirely as a surprise.

Mac Tonnies