Re: Alien abductions and supertechnology

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 09:44:28 -0400

phil osborn wrote:

> >
> Two observations:
> 1) A lot of the UFO "sightings" bear a remarkable similarity to holographic
> projections. What kind of real, solid spaceship, no matter (a pun, I
> suppose) how advanced, can change velocity virtually instantaneously without
> at least a massive shock wave - sonic boom, etc.? Why would they fly that
> way? On the other hand, suppose you spotted a primitive intelligence at
> radio stage and decided to spend a little cash letting them know you were
> there. Perhaps the saucers, etc., are in fact very long range holographic
> projections. I can very easilly fool a naive observer that I have an FTL
> just by swinging a beam across a wide enough arc.

When 'liewitnesses' claim sudden changes in direction, they are using their own stationary reference. Anyone experienced in air operations of tactical military or other high performance aerobatic aircraft know that this perception is false, because the people are ignoring changes in distance. To the observer, a vehicle travelling across one's field of view will seem to come to a rapid stop and hover, then zoom off in another direction, when in actuality they are conducting a turn where the midpoint of the turn is when the plane is either moving toward or away from the observer, so it just seems to hover. Whenever I hear of a UFO report that includes 'rapid changes in direction', I know what is actually going on, and that the eyewitness is ignorant of flight dynamics, and lacks an ability to think in three dimensions. Note that people have poor depth perception at long range.

> 2) The abductions, however, can more easilly be explained another way
> entirely. You are familiar with roofies - rohypnol, and the other
> "date-rape" drugs. The CIA did several decades worth of research on mind
> control using selective memory erasing drugs, starting immediately after
> WWII and possibly (very likely) still continuing. In some S. American
> countries, kidnappers routinely use native scopalomine to kidnap the wealthy
> and steal them blind. I suggest that to whatever extent these are not mere
> fantasies or publicity stunts, they are probably along the same lines. The
> Orange County Register once reported that 40,000 people in Orange County
> alone claimed to have been abducted by aliens. That seems outrageously
> high, but even 1% of that would make one wonder if some of them were not
> telling a true story of what they thought they remembered, given that the
> technology does exist to achieve that result.

I did an analysis once that showed that if the percentage claiming abduction really were being physically abducted, then the 'aliens' would have to have a worldwide fleet of over 1000 vehicles at several dozen bases operating 24 hours a day, with a logistical sytem of over 100,000 aliens living on the planet to support air operations. I highly doubt that such an infrastructure could hide itself that well for that long.


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