RE: Alien abductions and supertechnology

Weaver, Evan A. (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 08:25:20 -0400

>>If aliens are here, I don't think they'll be particularly interested in
>>money or our women (though Bruce Sterling's Investors have a ring of
>>authenticity to them...). Rather, they'll be interested in our
>>And this is the one thing that would be destroyed by public disclosure.
>Look, just think for five seconds about the implications of the kinds of
>technologies we talk about here. Any aliens who didn't want to be seen
>not be seen. If they don't want to be seen because that would destroy our
>'uniqueness', then why are so many people reporting that they've seen them?

Maybe they're as stupid and careless as we are. Ever try to sneak up and observe a bird? It's very hard for the bird not to notice you. I think the way to solve this mystery is to give every US citizen an AA gun and train everyone to shoot at UFOs. Then maybe we get some real evidence...

You realize I'm kidding.