Re: "Starship Stormtroopers"

Anders Sandberg (
06 Jul 1999 14:54:54 +0200

Charlie Stross <> writes:

> I am _aghast_ at this tolerance for stalinism in the domestic world!
> Housework should be a billable activity and parasitism should be
> grounds for divorce!

:-) I think you are going to love some of the domestic scenes me and my friends have written for the planet Atlantis in our currently evolving sf roleplaying scenario.

"Honey, can you send me the salt?"
"Here you are. 3 microcreds."
<wearables do the transaction>
"Dad! Dad! Pat is suing me and I want legal advice!" "Sigh. Why can't you and your brother just get along, you spend half of your allowance-pay on arbitration?"

The scenario will appear soonish; there is so much happening in it right now that it is ridiculous and any web page would be obsolete. Probably the first time I seen a space war has fought by psychologists, lawyers, programmers and media people...

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