Re: RE. Extropian/Transhuman music... Where?

Sabine.Stoeckel (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 21:37:39 +0200

> >Where do I find current examples of transhuman/extropian music. I saw Max M
> >mentioned... Web site? Any other good examples? I'm especially interested in
> >stuff I can download.

I recommend any future jazz music, and the _Lost In Space - Drum 'n' Bass_ series by Cerbad 2. Especially Phase 2 (listen to _Cassiopeia_ or _Wing it_) and Phase 3 (listen to _Tiger Style_ and _Sun within the Sun_).

Also I recommend anything by Goldie, but especially his release _Timeless_.

Sabine K. Stoeckel

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