Re: Sex drives/Prostitution/Rape/Reproduction

Ralph Lewis (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 12:21:04 -0700

ROTFL, this made my day. Thank you!!!!

It reminds me of a gentlemen's bar in Los Angeles which had a shower on stage. The bar was shut down because the shower was not wheelchair accessible. The owner commented that they had never had an exotic dancer in a wheelchair, but if they found one they would be sure to hire them and make the shower accessible.

Best Ralph

>Imagine a brothel run by the government. You'd have to stand in line
>for hours. Your real name would be recorded in a central registry
>somewhere. All the women, no matter what their appearance or special
>talents, would have to charge the same amount, and you wouldn't be able
>to pick which one you wanted. Gay men would be allowed to work as
>prostitutes, but only under a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Which
>particular fetish activities were to be covered would become a matter of
>national debate.
>To use a tired old libertarian analogy, "Imagine if going to a brothel
>was like going to the DMV."
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