Re: MEDIA: Idiots predict future

Ralph Lewis (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 12:03:35 -0700

The reason this is report is clueless is that it assumes past consumption trends. As societies become more affluent they do not spend more of their money on basic goods. Except for a few fashion oriented individuals most of the upper middle class is not really concerned with clothing today. An old pair of levis or sweats is fine. But go to a society which is now just experiencing discretionary income and everyone is dressed to the nines! We do tend to spend a lot on food but it is fast food. How many of us are now regretting the 4'th BBQ?
Back to slimfast!

Food, shelter, cars... how much more do we need? Except for demand created by advertising we are at our limits of consumption of traditional products.

As the society ages though the new consumption products will be extropian. I need a new custom grown pituitary gland. I am sick and tired of hearing a doctor tell me I am no longer 18. I may not be 18 but I am not 95!

Best Ralph

At 03:45 AM 7/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>The level of cluelessness on this planet is truly amazing.
>And the clueless somehow manage to get the money,
>and make the decisions, in the presence of convincing
>refutations of their ideas. I think the situation may
>be somewhat improved by fixing the planetary flows of
>knowledge. Unfortunately, projects in this area are
>not funded...
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