Re: Extropian/Transhuman music... Where?

Jason Spencer (
Sun, 4 Jul 1999 23:30:21 -0600

>Where do I find current examples of transhuman/extropian music. I saw Max M
>mentioned... Web site? Any other good examples? I'm especially interested in
>stuff I can download.

Max M's work is here:

>I'll be adding my own contribution to this area soon... watch this space.
>I'm interested to see what others have done.

Here's my project, Incomplete Sentience:

I only have one piece in mp3 format, "Failed Cognitive Upload". I'll post more once I find a good place for them (limited web space) and decide that they are actually finished.

I'm not as happy with this piece as I was when I first made it, but that's the way it goes with one's own material. Comments are very welcome!

My other stuff is more musical and not quite as frightening. :)

I have done a little collaboration with a fellow extropian (and roomate/best friend) Aaron Davidson. His project Artickikin is here:

As for other extropian music, Autechre is worth checking out. Try the album "tri repetae++" for some incredible soundscapes.

I look forward to hearing your stuff Emlyn.


Jason Spencer