Re: Feasibility of LE Researcher Database?

Chris Rasch (
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 12:26:58 -0700

"David A. Kekich" wrote:
> We are currently designing such a website. We just applied for tax-exempt
> status for Never Say Die Foundation and will be raising funds for LE research.
> As soon as we're a little farther along, we'll announce our address, etc.
> Meanwhile, please write or call with any suggestions.

Hi David,

I read with great interest your announcement of the Never Say Die website. May I make a few suggestions?

  1. You may wish to check out the website (particularly The domain name is something of a misnomer-- while it has a wonderful photography section, the principal content is the entire content of "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing" FKA "Database Backed Web Sites." In addition to being the best web site that I have yet found, he also provides free TCL scripts for doing bulletin boards, mailing lists, classified ads etc. for use with the AOLserver/Oracle webserver/database combination. See
  2. You may also wish to check out Tom Boutelle's Open Faq source code at It allows users and submit and answer questions themselves, so that one person is not overly burdened with the effort of maintaining the FAQ.
  3. The Open Science project appears to be a more general effort devoted to developing and promoting free science software tools to allow anyone to have the analytical tools necessary to perform real science. You may wish to add a link to them at

Chris Rasch