Re: Alien abductions and supertechnology

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Sat, 3 Jul 1999 23:53:56 -0700

Saturday, July 03, 1999 8:29 PM Peter Lakbar <> wrote:
>>I _do_ think that the abduction phenomenon deserves scientific
>>study; also, I would be surprised if we found out the perpetrators were
>>"extraterrestrials" in the classic sense.
>I agree on both points.

But the same can be said about any phenomena. Why did my shoelaces become untied? Why does it happen so often to so many others? Well, perhaps a team of scientists studying it around the clock will discover why and develop a means to prevent.

>>But what I read on the subject sometimes strikes me as descriptions of
>>extropian technologies. Witnesses describe the aliens' uncanny ability to
>>levitate and walk through walls: sounds like utility fog to me. And I
>>remember a description of a levitation "ray" used by an apparent craft
>>looked "grainy": possible refraction caused by the presence of copious
>This is a definite possibillity, and unfortunatly, as far as I'm aware, not
>one that have been mentioned in any book on the subject. (UFO's, that is,
>not nanotech.)

But the same can be said about any paranormal phenomena or even stuff we are pretty sure is outright bull. I mean, perhaps Jesus was resurrected using nanotech. Perhaps the dinosaurs became extinct because of nanotech. Perhaps the apparitions of the Virgin seen in so many places is actually nanotech in action. This really doesn't clear things up.

>>Maybe the so-called alien presence is some form of projection showing us
>>what's ahead on our technological horizon; remember that the UFO
>>in its earliest modern form, took the appearance of "ghost rockets" over
>>Scandinavia during a period when rocket research was in its infancy. And
>>I even need to mention the phantom airships of the late 1800s?
>>Maybe this is a form of quantum mentation in action. (Or maybe it's
>>aliens--transtemporal, ET or otherwise. But that's not the focus of this
>*whimsical speculation mode on*
>One 'transhuman possibillity', put forward by John Keel and others, are
>that we are being not-so-subtly tested/influenced by a Power. Perhaps the
>Singularity has already occured and we're the descendants of the neophobes
>who refused to take part.....

It's also the plot for some science fiction novels, such as Ian Watson's _Miracle Visitors_... It makes for interesting science fiction, but I don't think it's so. But if it is, Have pity on me Oh Great Ones! Take me into your paradisical future!:)

But in truth, I think people experience lots of things that have more mundane explanations BUT would be much more interesting if cloaked in mystery. Each age and culture has its own way of dealing with this. If the "ghost rockets" (and this is the first I've heard of them) had been seen 30 years earlier, they might have been called "phanton airships" or 300 years earlier "witches" or 3000 years earlier.... Well, you get the point. That's a lot of testing. That power must be very inefficient or sloppy or, hard to believe, stupid.

I do find these things interesting and the speculations are also so, but I have a feeling all this cool tech won't come about until we make it come about.


Daniel Ust