Re: Feasibility of LE Researcher Database?

David A. Kekich (
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 17:16:17 -0400

We are currently designing such a website. We just applied for tax-exempt status for Never Say Die Foundation and will be raising funds for LE research.

As soon as we're a little farther along, we'll announce our address, etc. Meanwhile, please write or call with any suggestions.


Rion Snow wrote:

> Here's an idea I've been kicking around, in my desire to help further the
> progress of LE techniques & technologies w/o (yet!) having the ability to do
> the technical work myself:
> Create a grassroots 'communication center' for current LE
> researchers, future LE researchers, and other interested parties with
> services/materials they wish to donate (or can provide at non-profit
> rates). Each party would fill in either what they are studying, hope to
> study, or what sort of study they want to support, and the Project
> would put matching parties in contact with each other--sort of like a
> dating service. Everything would be done an individual-by-individual
> basis--I imagine that progress will be most fertile on that level.
> It would be private, non-profit, and self-funded. It would act entirely
> for the benefit of our species' greatest heroes, all current LE scientists.
> It would be designed as a resource to aid them in searching for individual
> LE funding, help find the right intern (me!), or anything else that they
> might find useful (that I am capable of doing).
> Has anything like this already been tried (or is in operation now)?
> Does anyone foresee any possible stumbling-blocks to such a project?
> (I'm talking to you, current LE scientists (and potential LE benefactors)!)
> [Tentatively:] Would anyone here add such a Project to their web
> site's links, or perhaps be willing to mirror its forms altogether?
> All other criticisms, comments, suggestions, etc. are *welcome*!
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