Re: Memory (was Sex vs. sleep)

Anders Sandberg (
03 Jul 1999 23:00:16 +0200

"Harvey Newstrom" <> writes:

> Recent research indicates that idiot-savants that have photographic memories
> do not have this filter. Everything they see is recorded permanently. It
> is theorized that this is the root of many of their problems. Instead of
> generalizing data into patterns that can be used to understand new events of
> the same pattern, these people record every single event without
> generalizing them into patterns. They can recall perfectly hundreds of
> prior events, but when the same thing happens again, they are at a loss to
> predict the outcome.
> When transhumans develop perfect memories, I think such memories need to be
> kept accessible, but that generalization and pattern matching need to be
> maintained.

You could have two memory caches, one "external" storing all the primary data (including mental state stuff etc) but doesn't change at all, one "internal" to the main cognitive process that generalizes and grows. As you recall something, you could consciously dip into the external memory that matches it best. A bit like using a remembrance agent or take a look in your old mail.

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