Re: mice benefit from gamma ray irradiation

Philip Witham (
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 21:43:42 -0700

> results ... demonstrate that the paradigm, which
> states that low-dose effects can be predicted high-dose
> effects, cannot be systematically applied in radiation
> biology in general and gerontology in particular.
This is supported by studies of natural background radiation -vs- cancer rates in humans. If one lives with a higher natural background radiation level you tend to lower cancer rates.

It's especially destructive that the EPA/government "paradigm", as you say, is a linear model. Almost anything is poison at a high enough dose, including food, air, and water. Even reading the entire transhuman news feed could be fatal (no time to eat!) :-}

And like oxygen, many things pass from poison to nutrient as the dose is lowered. I guess many billions of dollars are blown on the wrong environmental problems due to this linear bone-headedness on the part of the "scientific" community. Worse yet is the public mental "model" of the effect of radiation - "Any 'radiation' is dangerous.".