wailing on a Chord Board

Spike Jones (spike66@ibm.net)
Fri, 02 Jul 1999 20:12:31 -0700

> [Elizabeth Childs has] heard about a keyboard that could be designed that
> would be one
> > step beyond the Dvorak.
> [Dan Clemmensen has] been a computer hobbyist for a long time. In the late
> '70s,
> Byte magazine had a construction article on such a device...

I play the saxophone, the first musical instrument that was designed specifically for ergonomics. On the sax, the left youngest finger covers 4 keys, the left ring and bird finger cover one, the left index covers two, the left thumb covers one. The right youngest finger covers two keys, the ring, bird and index cover one each. The right thumb does nothing but help support the weight of the instrument. The upper part of the each index finger controls three keys. Thats a total of 19 keys. Using combinations, I can produce the normal 33 chromatic pitches with unique fingerings, and most importantly, the hands dont move much.

Watch a video of a good saxer, such as Charlie Parker. When he be wailing, and I mean when that cat be throwing DOWN the jazz, TEST-afyin on that sax, notice his hands move very little. And, a good sax player can really move. e.g. Spyro Gyra, Kenny G.

A futuristic ergo-keyboard should be designed a lot like a saxphone. spike