Re: Emotion Selection

Fri, 02 Jul 1999 17:02:22 +0200

It appears as if E. Shaun Russell <> wrote:

| Chances are, within most of our lifetimes, the technology will be
|manifested to such a state in which we can select our emotions to a certain
|extent. The question is this: which emotions would you like to retain, and
|which would you like to dispose of? It would be easy to come up with
|knee-jerk kind of answers such as "I would get rid of love" though I am
|fairly certain that such a move would be highly irrational. Most of our
|emotions have a purpose, and life could easily be less enjoyable without
|many of them.
| Personally, I would opt to exorcise any trace of fear or anxiety.
|Though I'm not naturally inclined to feel these emotions very often, I know
|that when exposed to them, it is difficult to remain rational. But some of
|the more potentially painful ones such as loneliness, I would keep. The
|problem I foresee with getting rid of too many of these "bad" emotions is that
|in their absence, there could easily be a lack of ambition. For example,
|if one didn't feel "unhappy" there would be less inclination for him to
|progress to the point at where he would naturally feel happy. It is an
|interesting thought. What do you think?

0. If I can replace the emotion FEAR with a "WARNING: DANGER" function which

works as fast (=at a low level) as FEAR does, then I would replace it. I regard any person irresponsible who simply removes FEAR without replacing it with some other safeguard.

I have no use for ANXIETY, and would remove it.

  1. I did not know that humans sort LONELINESS into the EMOTIONS cathegory. I believed they defined LONELINESS as the property of a person who belongs to a set consisting of only that person. What kind of EMOTION would you suggest such a person senses?
  2. Most of the emotions of the emotion complex LOVE energize the mental states and thus I would wish to retain them, although under continued rational control.
  3. I would remove the darker spectrum of EMOTIONS which appear in DEPRESSION states, and install a rather positive emotional balance.
  4. I would also remove various irrational emotions, such as envy and jealosy.