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Fri, 02 Jul 1999 02:20:24 PDT


>I fail to see why an anarchist should have any sense of community
>He's assuming is anarcho-socialism is the only kind of anarchism, and that
>anarcho-capitalism is just fascism without big government (a rather odd
>methinks he still hates his father...

The mainstream Anarchy movement today, which I call "Anarchy(tm)", defines the term as "stateless socialism". It positions itself as the REAL Anarchy (revising history and glossing over some of the best ideas of early Anarchists) and proclaiming Anarcho-Capitalists to be the frauds. A pretty neat job of subversion and appropriation, but disgusting nonetheless.

[By the way, their argument against Anarcho-Capitalism is that "bosses" and managers constitute a state.]

I recently went off on a rant against the psychological problems of Anarchy(tm) and Anarchists(tm). I will forward it here for your consideration.

By the way, I sometimes think of myself as an Anarchist without the (tm).

>I personally don't comprehend how someone can be a libertarian and NOT be a
>individualist. Moorcock is apparently under the delusion that it is

Yes, it seemed like he was trying to say Anarchism = Libertarianism = Socialism. It was obvious that he was using a different dictionary than any that I have ever used.


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