Display opportunities at World Future Society assembly

Sasha Chislenko (sasha1@netcom.com)
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 16:08:24 -0500

The next general Assembly of the World Future Society will happen on July 29-August 1, 1999 in Washington.

It's a convention of over a 1000 futurists from all over the world, and a good opportunity to meet people and promote your ideas.

Please consider coming. (see http://www.wfs.org/wfs/9ga.htm )

If you can't come you can still exhibit some materials on advanced futurist ideas and technological projects.

If you are interested, please look at http://www.wfs.org/wfs/9ga.htm#exhibit for their guidelines and prices, contact WFS about permission to display your materials (with me as a representative, if necessary; let me know then), money, etc.

If it is needed, I will handle your materials at the conference (in reasonable amount), such as put them on appropriate shelves, etc.

Sasha Chislenko <http://www.lucifer.com/~sasha/home.html>