RE: Sleep Tools (was Re: Sex vs. sleep)

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 16:07:54 +0100

I've got a much better system for getting to sleep. It doesn't involve any drugs, and you'll have forearms like Popeye (well one of them anyway...) without having to eat any of that spinach shit. Have a wank. Every night, regular as clockwork. Sends you right off, especially if you have a couple of joints and/or a glass of beer first.


P.S. Subscribe to some porn channels, too. Before you know it, bedtime will be the coolest part of the day......
Of course, unless you're single you'll have to become very interested in the TV programme currently on telly when your missus goes to bed, so you can get some joyous minutes of lone action.

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