Re: sex vs sleep

Brian D Williams (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 08:14:06 -0700 (PDT)

From: "David Lubkin" <>

>I understand the extropian rationale behind those who want to be
>freed of their sex drives, but I guess I'm just not that evolved

I hope I'm never THAT evolved.... ;)

>On the other hand, as pleasurable as sleep and dreaming are, I'd
>love to have as many of those hours back as possible. I
>understand that there are approaches to reducing sleep
>requirements -- pharmaceutical, hypnosis, etc. -- that seem highly
>effective, but I'm concerned that there may be serious long-term
>side-effects. I'm skeptical that we completely understand sleep
>and dreaming. Have there ever been any good, LONG-term studies on
>sleep reduction techniques?

According to the legend R.Buckminster Fuller once undertook to reengineer sleep, it is claimed he slept whenever he was tired which worked out to a half hour nap every six hours, giving him a 22 hour day, legend has it he did this for many years.....

I once read mammals with small frontal lobes (us) process day gathered information at night during sleep the exception was the large front lobed ecidna,(sp?) the spiny anteater, a monotreme or egg laying mammal (duck billed platypus being the other). In other words we need our ZZZZZZZ's

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