Re: The Problem with Futurism

Max M (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 10:33:00 +0200

From: Michael Lorrey <>

>I can imagine that the
>next wave of acceptance in the next generation is the futurist, especially
>their predictions start to come true at a faster pace.

As the babyboomers grow older and their bodies starts decaying at a rapid rate we will see that ecology and love of nature will be replaced with designer food and smart drugs. Biologist with scientists.

Right now one of the big trends is that of ecology, but even here in Denmark where we consider ourself to be among the "ecology ambasadors" ecological food only has an 8% marketshare. At least as many says that they will not buy ecological foods in pure spite(?) of the ecological movement.

In a few years the ecological movement will settle at some level, but I am willing to bet that it will not be at a considderable marketshare.


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