Re: web based health studies

Spike Jones (
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:50:48 -0700

> Spike Jones wrote:
> > how, extropians? how how how how do we do it? spike
> Dennis Roberts wrote: ...What is the size of your survey?

as huge as possible, in order to pick out subtle signals in the noise.

> ...Do you want anecdotal info from the
> net at large to comprise the entire database...

no, i hope to reduce the info to numbers that can be placed in an excel spreadsheet, for instance.

> or might multiple databases
> that used different survey methods to obtain their data be both more
> useful and be able to give you both privacy and highly valid data just
> not simultaneously...

ya. these two things are turning out to be as mutually incompatible as position and momentum of the electron. it might not be possible, in principle, to do both simultaneously. {8-[

> Example: Advertise ( through banner ads on the Internet Link Exchange
> for example) for individuals to become members of a list of potential
> survey recipients...

thanks for the ideas dennis! let me propose a different example than the one i proposed before, which is finding the link between vitamin e and breast cancer. this one is weak because only half the population has em, and only 20% of the internet community, and perhaps 10% of extropians.

everyone has kidneys, so consider the question of finding the link between coffee and kidney stones. (as one who has recently suffered this malady i am most eager to avoid a repeat.) the survey would need only two questions: 1. how much coffee do you drink (ml/day)? and 2. how many times in your life have you had kidney stones?

dennis, is it possible to add this as an experiment to your website? spike